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332 Northgate Drive, Dalton GA

(706) 278-1159

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  • I love the food, but if you order anything besides a regular plate, check your bag. they have left out extra cornbread, desserts, etc. ive been a customer, and worked with my grandmother at the original location when I was a little girl. prudie Collins was her name. she made biscuits and other things in the kitchen, and I would come with her sometimes. we were members of the church. she was a member from the time she was a very young lady until her death and remained faithful. I always feel like im eating my grannys cooking when I eat at curts. they are a good company and they cant help the mistakes made by employees. ive had wayyyy worse experiences at other resturants. like undercooked meat! bad food, very rude employees, and ive sent undercooked meat back and waited for it at chilis and it still be a red! and I tell them to burn it with nooo red! but they still undercook it, much less burn it as I ordered it that way. but one thing you can rely on at curts, the food is never bad or undercooked ever!!!...I would rate them 5 stars on their food! and 4 n 3/4 on service. when your so busy, mistakes will happen sometimes. so just always check your order before leaving. and that goes for any restaurant! all of them.

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